Continuous researching for the betterment of customers' eye health and beauty.

We provide creative communicative strategies and high product quality to differentiate our service and product design development, making them centered around customers' needs.

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    We search meaningful data via big data, analyzing the global market and the latest trend. Big data helps us to plan, design, and develop products that meet the needs of the market.

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    To set the standards for contact lens colors, our design experts have created a color chip using the concept of the existing standard Pantone colors. We strive to lead in terms of the lens design patterns and colors that reflect the market trend and to generate new trend in the market.

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    Research and Development

    After the product design is finished, we print it on the lenses to fine-tune the colors and proceed into development. When we find the exact color we want, we set the limit samples to produce evenly colored lenses under control. Going through multiple tests of wearability and comfortability, we finally develop the lenses that the customers want.

Are you trying to find distinct concepts or samples of your potential product that you want to develop?
We can analyze your needs through simple sketches of ideas and can offer you the solution.