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PUSCON is biocompatible and safe so it is used for crafting artificial blood vessels for cardiac surgeries. Unlike Silicon contact lenses, PUSCON has the same molecular structure as our bodies. Therefore, it is safe without side effects even to sensitive eyes. PUSCON is made of water-friendly hydrophilic material. It pulls water from the air to form a solid moisture barrier on the surface of contact lens which prevents evaporation and provides moisture for 12 hours. The moisture barrier of PUSCON helps to keep the lens surface clean by repelling fine dust, pollution, and protein build-up. which reduces protein absorption and suppresses bacterial or biomembrane formation to avoid inflammatory reaction.

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Keeps moisture with 48% water content

With 48% water content, PUSCON lenses keep comfort and moisture in the eyes even during extended use of the lenses

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UV Blocking

UVA causes optochemical deformation of the eye structure, while UVB triggers eye diseases like photokeratitis, pterygium, and cataract. Wearing contact lenses that can block UV lights is, therefore, of great importance.
UV blocking material is integrated into the lenses to protect the eyes from harmful lights including UVA and UVB.

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※UV blocking contact lenses do not cover the entire surface of the eye and the vicinity. It is advised to ask eye care professional for UV blocking goggles, sunglasses, or other UV blocking glasses for additional protection.