Stabilized production with High-Tech production facilities and technologies

Geo Medical is equipped with the largest production capacity in nationwide for 1-day (Daily Disposable) color contact lens and with the High-Tech production facilities. Under the officially recognized Quality Management Systems and the latest automated prodution lines, we strive to producing products that are world's best quality. Cast molding production system enables mass production and stabilized production of contact lenses.

Production Process

  • 사출

    Injection molding

    Our highly precise molds using the latest automated system lead high precision mass production.

  • 인쇄

    Color Pad-Printing

    Ensure eye safety by PCMLC printing technology

  • 자동성형


    Divided by different diopters of the lens

  • h-aoi

    H-type AOI

    Dry lenses are inspected by H-type Automated Optical Inspection machines.

  • s-aoi

    S-type AOI

    Hydrated soft lenses are inspected again by S-type Automated Optical Inspection machines.

  • 자동화패키징

    Automated Packaging

    Only the lenses that have passed all the quality control inspections are packaged through automation.